In Swahili, the word ‘Tweega’ means ‘giraffe’ which, according to TEMBO, is a very fitting word for this coffee. The long neck of a giraffe is representative of the never-ending search for the best quality coffee and the black tongue comes from drinking too much of it!

This blend comes from around 10,000 smallholder’s who have handpicked their crop and delivered it to 20 washing stations around the region, all of which adhere to the strict quality standards enforced by TEMBO. Once there, the cherries are sorted to separate the ripes from the unripes before being pulped to remove the skin. They are then left to undergo dry fermentation for around 12-15 hours to loosen the mucilage before being washed with clean water. The washing process is repeated to ensure the coffee is clean before it is channelled through water to remove any floaters. Finally, the washed beans are taken to raised African beds to dry (which can take around 12-15 days) before being sorted and graded at TEMBO’s facility in Mbeya for export.


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