Food At Hobo

Our day to day food is about simple, tasty and fresh.

We make most of food in the shop, so you will see us making and baking during service. What we don’t make in the shop we will get made locally.

A range of sandwiches n wraps, breakfasts, Hobomade cakes and scones, salads and platters. All served all day …. you make the rules for what you want to eat and when to eat it. We have found fab local suppliers for our staples, Bread (Rise), Eggs (goodeggfellas),Cheese (Parlour Made), Milk (Acorn Dairies), Gluten and Dairy free Cakes.

Everything can be taken away and if it would help to order ahead we can do that too.

For events we do food to match your occasion, from a buffet to a home cooked wholesome slow cook, from canopies to cakes. We are open to suggestions to make your event great.

Opening Hours

Mon to Sat 7am to 6pm

Sunday 9am to 5pm

Check Facebook for bank holiday details

Visit Us

30 High Street


TS15 9AE

Contact Us

Call: 07763 895806


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