Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name Mint Hobo come from?

We spent a lot of time working on the name, and put together what we really love about all of the individual experiences we have had in bars and coffee shops across the country (and in others!) Some of it is very special and some quite simple, some have a dress code, some dont, some very beautiful things and some very basic. Thinking about how to put this into a name all together Mint Hobo was born.

Do you sell anything Wheat and Gluten free?

We always aim to have a Wheat and Gluten free option within our cakes, our menu of food can vary daily so the option will change.

Do you have a lactose free option?

We have almond milk and soya milk as an option for hot and cold drinks.

Can I book a table?

We are quite small and at busy times it may be possible to book a space. Please contact or call us and let us know what you would like. As we like to keep space for all of our customers we would release the table/space 15 minutes after the booking time if you don’t make it to us

Can I book Mint Hobo as a venue?

If you would like to book Mint Hobo for a special occasion please give us a minimum of 15 days notice, contact us and we can discuss your ideas and put together a package for you.

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