Journeying into ‘The Way of Tea’

In a corner of Mint Hobo, unbeknown to other Hobiens, a quiet ceremony is taking place. Contrasted against the light brown wood of the table a cup of bright green liquid is being served. Matcha green tea — a powdered form of green tea leaves that can be served as a...

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Candy and Stardust (of the black liquid kind)

Many thanks to Catharina of the wonderful blog Teesside Cat for her fantastic review of Mint Hobo! The full entry is posted below, but if you want to read it on the Teesside Cat blog and take a look at some of her other passionate pieces about what Teesside and the...

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Ask us a question

Do you have any questions about any of our coffee, or the delicious food we serve? Would you like to enquire about any of our events, or about reserving a table, please click through to the contact form and ask us!

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