Mint Hobo’s new adventure

Five years into the Mint Hobo journey, Mint Hobo Coffee House has become Hobo Coffee House and Mint Hobo is now Paris based.

Mint Hobo the Shop afforded me so much opportunity to re affirm the values in business I know work n’ are so important to me and to start learning about speciality coffee. A cup made well can light up a customers eyes like the first time someone jumps from a plane and feels they are flying not falling. It can be just as profound. And I would say …… I never expected that

The Paris vision, to partner Rounton Coffee and become a feature of the exciting Parisian coffee scene. There are a mix of well established and newly opened Speciality Coffee Houses as well as well established traditional coffee bars in this incredible City ! We would love our coffee to featured within them either permanently or guest. We have a quality of coffee that is amongst the best out there and a price that is better than most …

Interested at all please drop me a note, lets have a coffee ….. know anyone that might be interested , drop me a note lets all have coffee ….. nothing to loose.

If you are new to Coffee I am available to advise or train. If you have been in it a while and want a different view then as long as its legal and not going to send us to jail Im good for that too ….

Si vous voulez me parler et m’aider a améliorer mon français mediocre, j’achète le cafe

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